July saw major steps in rebuilding Sparta with the codeArena contest and the beginning of post-contest edits


Is it just us, or did July fly past at the speed of a Spartan Spear thrown in defence of SPARTA?

Focus this month has been on the codeArena audit contest. Contributors have been working tirelessly to ensure that the security wardens have all the information and context to effectively audit the V2 SpartanProtocol. This has been instrumental in ensuring the distributed involvement from as many wardens as possible— which has been reflected in the record activity derived from the Spartan Protocol <> C4 contest.

2nd last week of July; codeArena contest completed and post-contest work begins


This week saw the completion of the codeArena Audit contest!

First off, we want to take the opportunity to express the gratitude of the community to codeArena and the wardens that were involved in the process; it’s clear from the thoughtful and considered feedback that the security specialists have a passion for and depth of knowledge in DeFi auditing.

Spartans set a new record for participation with over 20 security researchers submitting multiple suggestions of improvements, as well as some good enhancement ideas.

Please give some time for the feedback to be sorted through appropriately and with due consideration. …

Updates from mid-July 2021. First major testnet subgraph & CodeArena contest in full-swing.


This week in $SPARTA, we saw the activation of the long awaited @code423n4 smart contract audit competition.

Don’t forget that you can also take part in the audit process and be rewarded for your efforts.

Take the time to click through to their Twitter post below to see the great animation they came up with, it has been pretty damn popular on the socials.

The audit should wrap up mid this week. Following the conclusion, the contributors will work closely with the C4 team, judges and wardens to resolve any issues, if found.

The community will be kept in…

Road to V2 Update | CodeArena Audit | Token Upgrade Continues


This week the CodeArena Audit Competition goes live — safe to say this is pretty exciting! Be sure to follow along on the codeArena website.

The team continues to refine and ship improvements but the audit is the next major milestone for Spartan Protocol contributors focus.

Last week SpartanProtocol — Road to V2 (Cont.) Medium article dropped to set the scene for a busy few weeks. focusing on confirming the official channels and contracts to make sure we can all follow along with “don’t trust, verify”.

It also highlighted the importance that now is the time to withdraw your…

CodeArena Audit | V2 Contracts | Important Addresses and Information

We’re now less than a week from the long-awaited CodeArena Audit on the V2 Contract Suite. This seems like the perfect time for a little housekeeping in preparation for a busy couple of weeks at Spartan Protocol.

Official Social Media/Web Addresses

Token Upgrades and Contract Upgrades can be confusing, and while the community has worked hard to make it as simple as possible for the Shield Wall, we are always available via the official social media channels as listed below (and accessible via the official website).

A reminder — V2 is a Token Upgrade. There are no Airdrops, no 1:1 snapshots, and no wallets…

CodeArena Audit | Token Upgrade Continues


Excitement abounds this week; as exchanges continue to finalise token upgrades from SPARTA V1 to V2. Binance is the main one this week with allowing deposits and withdrawals again.

Most excitingly is the listing and commencement of count down for the Spartan Protocol contract audit with codeArena, a timely reminder that the crowdfunding drive is ongoing and in need of your support.

Have a fantastic week and thank you loyal Spartans!

CodeArena Audit — Begins 15th July 2021

CEX Upgrade Update | codeArea audit crowdfund |upgrade your v1 tokens to v2 | refinement of code to streamline functions


It’s been another productive week with getting some movement with CEX’s to support the upgrade from V1 to V2 SPARTA tokens.

It’s fantastic to see that approximately 92% of tokens are upgraded to SPARTA v2 ready for use on the SpartanProtocol v2 inbound soon.

MEXC_Global are full upgrade with Binance following

CodeArena Donation Target | CEX Token Upgrades


Now that the SpartanProtocol v2 contracts are complete, a crowdfunding drive has begun to help fund extensive auditing via a CodeArena contest. Support has been overwhelming, with approximately $70,000 USD being raised in the first few days - leaving only $26k to go!!!

If you are able to donate, big or small, every contribution helps this community project achieve it’s full goal of $96k as soon as possible to ensure that Spartan Protocol is in a prime position to release the V2 contracts and dApp into the market.

Donate Here:https://dapp.spartanprotocol.org/codearena

DAppV2 — Dao Proposals | CreatePool | CreateSynth


The SpartanProtocol contributors have been forging ahead with GitHub commits this week; putting the finishing touches onto the DAO contract, updating the internal testing structure whilst waiting for a testing slot with codeArena.

If you havn’t already, it might be worth your time to check out the test net version of the DApp to see whats to come for the updated ProtocolV2.


Community contributors have been putting in the time to update and refine the main webpage for Spartan Protocol. Feedback, suggestions and contributions are welcome, reach out in the telegram channels if you want to help out.


Some new…

Updated: www.spartanprotocol.org webpage — check it out

Week Summary

Short and sweet update after a few heavy weeks of reading.

For those after some indepth reading now is a great time to head over to the updated SpartanProtocol.org webpage below to learn more about the implementation of SpartanProtocolV2 that is incoming.

Spartan Protocol.org

Community contributors have been putting in the time to update and refine the main webpage for Spartan Protocol. Feedback, suggestions and contributions are welcome, reach out in the telegram channels if you want to help out.

Spartan Protocol GitBook

Some new & old community members have put their hands up recently to help get…


Incentivized liquidity and synthetic asset generation for Binance Smart Chain. https://SpartanProtocol.org

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