A Year In Review

The idea here is to provide a ‘snapshot’ of the state of the nation before diving into a bit more detail of what has transpired over the last 12 months. Please note that the usual weekly Monday dev article will be pushed to tomorrow as the article-contributor time has been spent on this article as a priority. For now; brew a coffee, grab a beer or whatever is your drink of choice and run through the events of the past 12 months!

Happy Birthday Spartans!


  • 28/08/20 — SpartanProtocol project was first announced
  • 10/09/20 — First SPARTA token minted; Proof-of-Burn…

The below is a guide on how to interact with the BSC testnet faucet.

TLDR: — Already know how to use the faucet to get testnet funds? It would really assist contributors with testnet efforts by sending BSC testnet funds to our testing contributors (Ideally; BNB, BUSD, DAI & BTC)

Binance Smart Chain TestNet Faucet

Binance Smart Chain: Faucet

Contributors TestNet Wallet

  • 0x3d2aCFafd10600896C90a325c31700B3E1E2D791

We are almost at the point of getting the public testnet up and running! …

SpartanProtocol V2 private testnet is in full swing with the DApp progressing swiftly alongside it. CMC token details updated.

This week saw SpartanProtocol V2 private testnet in full swing & the DApp progressing swiftly alongside it. The end of the week had progress pegged roughly halfway through the testing items slated for this phase. Very excited for public testnet! Hopefully, we can get out a bit of a guide for users to get set up and prepared to contribute to Testnet soon.

Shout out to CoinMarketCap who got our $SPARTA token information updated on their platform, which is also linked to Binance CEX; so we are now seeing much more accurate total supply & circulating supply figures throughout all…

It’s the start of September and things are heating up. Automated testing is in the final stages and Testnet is being prepared for deployment!

Welcome, Spartans! It’s getting really close & exciting now! With automated testing in the final stages and a lot of the broader discussion points reaching closure, we are finally seeing something that looks like a ready-for-testnet on GitHub.

This week saw automated testing extended to the more complex areas of the protocol (DAO proposals, Vault claims, dividends/incentives & Bond etc) and the Spartan website’s text content receiving a bit of a much-needed refresh. The Spartan community also put the final stages of the official blog into place (from which this post is being published officially for the first time)


Happy first birthday to Spartan Protocol! Automated testing and DApp development continues towards aligning with the new contracts


Happy Birthday Spartans !!!

Thankyou for lending your support and determination to the shield-wall, it goes along way for a community driven project. Safe to say its been a pretty wild ride so far, we hope you have your seatbelts fastened because things are about to speed up.

Automated testing is in full swing, putting the protocol through the grinder and helping streamline processes. Whilst this has been happening the remaining contributors have been refining the DApp ready to take full use…

Contract contributors finalise the dynamic weight change-over and begin the automated testing…


The GitHub wizards have been throwing down hard, working their way through the CodeArena improvements. The contributors are getting really excited to put the improvements through the literal wringer, to provide a seamless, quality DeFi experience for the Shieldwall.

New updates and information on the next phase of SP are what you're here for though, so feast your eyes on the commits below.

CodeArena Donations

So, the community is aware that a Spartan community member contributed the full USD$96,000 CodeArena bounty + contest costs (in advance) on behalf of the wider community, to ensure that there were no delays in commencing our…

Mid August update highlighting the simplification of dividend calculations, dynamic weights at the value-extraction stage and a whole lot more!


Happy Monday, warriors of the shield wall.

Contributors are continuing to work through improvements thanks to the feedback provided from the codeArena audit. Things are shaping up well with automated testing to commence shortly, allowing stress testing of the updated V2 code.

Keep your eyes locked on the GitHub activity if you want to know more.

We still need your support

We still need your support. All donations help ensure the V2 Protocol contracts get a thorough review from many angles. We are very close…

First week of August; addition of caps, global freeze and other new protocol safety features


With the codeArena feedback triaged, contributors have been working away on discussions, scenarios and implementing changes from warden-feedback across the SpartanProtocol ecosystem.

The iceberg analogy applies really well to this type of project. A lot of us only see the front end UI or the result of code that derives from hours of brainstorming, debate and war gaming. There is a lot of back end testing conducted to ensure improvements work and break nothing else. *round of applause for their efforts*

SpartanProtocol is really looking…

July saw major steps in rebuilding Sparta with the codeArena contest and the beginning of post-contest edits


Is it just us, or did July fly past at the speed of a Spartan Spear thrown in defence of SPARTA?

Focus this month has been on the codeArena audit contest. Contributors have been working tirelessly to ensure that the security wardens have all the information and context to effectively audit the V2 SpartanProtocol. This has been instrumental in ensuring the distributed involvement from as many wardens as possible— which has been reflected in the record activity derived from the Spartan Protocol <> C4 contest.

Contributors have completed the post-contest triage (sorting/prioritizing) and already started addressing issues raised improving…

2nd last week of July; codeArena contest completed and post-contest work begins

This week saw the completion of the codeArena Audit contest!

First off, we want to take the opportunity to express the gratitude of the community to codeArena and the wardens that were involved in the process; it’s clear from the thoughtful and considered feedback that the security specialists have a passion for and depth of knowledge in DeFi auditing.

Spartans set a new record for participation with over 20 security researchers submitting multiple suggestions of improvements, as well as some good enhancement ideas.

Please give some time for the feedback to be sorted through appropriately and with due consideration. …


Incentivized liquidity and synthetic asset generation for Binance Smart Chain. https://SpartanProtocol.org

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