A Year In Review

The idea here is to provide a ‘snapshot’ of the state of the nation before diving into a bit more detail of what has transpired over the last 12 months. Please note that the usual weekly Monday dev article will be pushed to tomorrow as the article-contributor time has been…

It may seem like a quiet week compared to recent ones, however, stepping back, we can see a significant amount of Spartan sweat grinding away with the constant #Buidl!

  • SecondLive Gift Boxes
  • #FridayFor300 Quizzes
  • $SPARTA most traded in top 1000 wallets
  • SecondLive Boosting Carnival
  • December SpartAnalytics report
  • and of course…

Happy New Year Spartans!

Community contributor activity showed no signs of rest throughout the silly season, it is fair to say… Spartans do not sleep.

  • SecondLive Christmas metaverse promotion kicked off
  • ‘Positions’ now expanded to support Synths (Subgraph & DApp)
  • Pool revenue history data improved (More ‘current’ APYs in DApp)

Watch out Elon Musk, #SpartanProtocol knows how to use a flamethrower too.

Today you will have noticed that the furnaces were set to 🧨extreme mode🧨 and an effort was made to incinerate the maximum possible SPARTA out of existence.

A sum of 47,480,300 SPARTA tokens were sent to the 0x0..DEAD


Incentivized liquidity and synthetic asset generation for Binance Smart Chain. https://SpartanProtocol.org

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