The Plan Ahead

In keeping with the Spartan theme; we may be bloodied but we are not beaten and are very far from out of this fight.

The Spartan Community has shown steadfastness in supporting each other over the past few days, clearly showing the desire to bring a community-driven DeFi Synthetic Asset and Lending Protocol to the already vibrant Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.

As proud members of the Shield Wall, you’ll understand that there were no free lunches in Spartan Protocol, no airdrops, and no handouts. All Holders either Burned for SPARTA during the initial Token Generation Event or acquired on-market.


Today, Spartan Protocol was subject to an exploit targeting the liquidity pools. Approximately $40M+ USD was drained in this exploit, based on token prices at the time.

The Spartan Contracts were fully audited by Certik prior to launch, along with the usual ongoing code reviews, so this is an unfortunate reminder that there are no 100% safeguards. More action however will be taking place to ensure greater confidence in the Spartan Protocol ecosystem as we move towards V2.

The attacker used ~$60M BNB to create a large imbalance in the Spartan Pools through extremely large batches of transactions to create…

DevUpdate: Can’t talk gotta BUIDL | DappV2 | SpartanContractsV2

Spartan Socials — Twitter

DevUpdate: ~$40k BNB received from BSC BUIDL Program | DappV2 | SpartanContractsV2


This week Spartan Protocol received over $40k in BNB (at the time) in BNB-gas reimbursements as part of the BSC BUIDl Program. We are calling all Spartans to comment in the Twitter post + Telegram with ideas on how to use these funds to grow the protocol. Great ideas have included funding community grants and building out new feature sets.

All ideas are welcome as long as they look to the long term growth and development of the Spartan protocol ecosystem. The funds are public and auditable in…

DevUpdate: DappV2 | SpartanContractsV2


Well, it’s been an interesting week in the Binance Ecosystem. BNB pumping convincingly towards cementing itself as a serious smart contract pressure release valve for Ethereum whose gas prices continue to make the network unusable for most small to medium-sized ERC20 token-holders. Binance Smart Chain provides a viable ecosystem for users to take advantage of and remove some pressure from Ethereum whist 2.0 is being worked out. The success of the future crypto world will rely on multiple chains working together cleanly and harmoniously; I think it’s clear now BSC will be apart of that world!

Monthly Wrap Up | ContractsV2 | DAppV2 | Contributor Focus


Wen Synths? Wen single-stake SPARTA? Wen simpleSwap?

Well… you will get all that when it’s merged! Alright? As always; the Spartan community contributors are working hard to deliver something we can all be proud to use. We are at a point now where the SpartanContractsV2 are essentially ready to roll with some crazy amount of testing going on every day.

DAppV2 continues to be built out daily, towards being ready for Phase 1 & the big migration. The lending contracts make giant strides each week. …

DevUpdate: DappV2 | SpartanContractsV2 | Twitter Passes 10k Followers


Continued development of SpartanProtocol DAppV2 and migration strategy for ContractV2 upgrade.

SpartanProtocol Twitter profile sails past 10,000 followers — this has been entirely organic growth with the profile being run entirely by a few contributors in their spare time. Speaking of; anyone who is up for helping create tweet content/ideas each day/week please reach out in the community channels to contribute.

The real drive for social media interaction and adoption is being saved for when the impending Synths goes live; which will be a real call to arms for maximum support…

DevUpdate: DappV2| SpartanContractsV2


This week saw continued development of DAppV2 and the migration user interface to ensure a smooth transition to SpartanPoolsV2. The community also suggested and designed a few additional features, which quickly got implemented in the contracts too!

Spartan Socials — Twitter

DevUpdate: DappV2| SpartanContractsV2


The past week has seen contributors focused on running in-depth testing of upgraded V2 contracts and integration into the V2 DApp.

Front and back end testing is ongoing to ensure as many teething problems are discovered before migrating to the V2 Protocol.

A surprise announcement from 1inch exchange this week to show that they have integrated SpartanProtocol into their platform. Nice to see more projects recognising the benefits and staying power of the shield wall. Contributors have pointed out that they will work with 1inch to integrate V2 too when the time comes.

Spartan Socials — Twitter

DevUpdate: Bug Fixes| DappV2| SpartanContractsV2


After a couple of action-packed weeks delivering new and exciting features (Positions Page, APY display etc) the contributors have focused on building out and testing SpartanContractsV2, the migration contracts and DAppV2 with other efficiencies upgrades across the board.

Time to learn more about Spartan Protocol Synths

Thanks to Marco for some great content that explores the implementation of Synths within the SpartanProtocol ecosystem, suggest you take the time to understand the importance of what it means for SP.

Spartan Socials — Twitter


Incentivized liquidity and synthetic asset generation for Binance Smart Chain.

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