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Week Summary

Short and sweet update after a few heavy weeks of reading.

For those after some indepth reading now is a great time to head over to the updated SpartanProtocol.org webpage below to learn more about the implementation of SpartanProtocolV2 that is incoming.

Spartan Protocol.org

Community contributors have been putting in the time to update and refine the main webpage for Spartan Protocol. Feedback, suggestions and contributions are welcome, reach out in the telegram channels if you want to help out.

Spartan Protocol GitBook

Some new & old community members have put their hands up recently to help get…

Including Weekly Dev: 24/05/21–30/05/21

May Summary

I think it's pretty safe to say that May was a rollercoaster month for Spartan Protocol, its Shield Wall, the BSC ecosystem and the wider crypto community in general.

Let's take a moment to take stock, before looking forward to June.

By now you will likely be aware that 2 May 2021 saw an exploit of Spartan Protocol’s smart contracts, resulting in more than USD $40M of $SPARTA, $BNB and other assets being drained from several V1 Liquidity Pools (based on token prices at the time of exploit).

With the help of the community and the…

Deflationary feeBurn | TokenV2 | Ongoing BUIDl


With the SPARTAv2 (Token) now deployed to mainnet; a contributor took the time to discuss some of the intricacies and opportunities involved with the new ‘feeBurn’ in the transfer function.

The feeBurn has been in action since the first SPARTAv2 token transfer. It starts at 0% and grows/shrinks with the token’s total supply. The feeBurn is set to be 1% *if* the token’s total supply is at the max (300M) however the max supply is programmatically impossible to reach. Read more about this new deflationary aspect below:

In just over a week of SPARTAv2 (token) upgrade DApp going live, we…

Learn about the new deflationary feature of the SPARTA token

As most of us are now aware; Spartan Protocol deployed a new v2 SPARTA token on BSC mainnet following the drain on the v1 pools. Whilst the exploit in the v1 pools was not related to this base contract; the event raised the opportunity to:

  • Remove some functions that are no longer required from the burnForSparta distribution period
  • Allow some of the remaining distribution supply to be claimed by those who were affected by the recent exploit
  • Add in long-term deflationary aspects to counter the short-term expedited distributed supply

Removal of ‘BurnForSparta’ Functions

Spartan Protocol’s initial fair distribution involved bringing along BNB and selected…

GitBook Refresh | Upgrade/Claim $SPARTA v2| Testnet DAppV2


The development community over the last week have been working hard to improve and deploy version 2 of the SPARTA token. SPARTAv2 (token) has been tested and deployed onto the mainnet, please read the below medium article for more details on how to:

  • Upgrade existing v1 tokens to v2 (Mainnet & Testnet)
  • Claim your share of SPARTA allocated to users impacted by the LP drain (Mainnet & Testnet)
  • Interact with DAppV2 to help test the V2 contracts (Testnet)

Spartan Protocol GitBook

Some new & old community members have put their hands up…

Completing your tokenSwap to SPARTAv2, and the claim process detailed

Spartan Protocol’s contributors have been working hard behind the scenes since the Pools exploit to develop, improve and deploy the V2 SPARTA token.

Testing has now been completed successfully, and without further ado, here it is. Please read this article carefully, and note the below points:

  • SPARTAv1 should be upgraded to SPARTAv2 via the Spartan Protocol dApp *ONLY*
  • Always verify you have the correct DApp / contract addresses as highlighted via the official Medium / Twitter
  • DO NOT send your tokens to the Contract Address
  • DO NOT send your tokens to a Wallet Address for ‘swap’
  • This Medium article will…

The Buidl Continues

You will notice this week’s Dev update bundles in a 2 week period due to the attacks that happened just before last week’s update. This week has been about figuring out what happened in detail and refining a path forward.

Please take the time to read the Medium articles below to make sure you are up to speed with what happened during the exploit and the path forward.

What Happened?

The Road Ahead?

Spartan Socials

The past week has seen Spartan Protocol get a fair amount of air time, driving a lot of people to join our social media channels to see what is happening and how…

The Plan Ahead

In keeping with the Spartan theme; we may be bloodied but we are not beaten and are very far from out of this fight.

The Spartan Community has shown steadfastness in supporting each other over the past few days, clearly showing the desire to bring a community-driven DeFi Synthetic Asset and Lending Protocol to the already vibrant Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.

As proud members of the Shield Wall, you’ll understand that there were no free lunches in Spartan Protocol, no airdrops, and no handouts. All Holders either Burned for SPARTA during the initial Token Generation Event or acquired on-market.


Today, Spartan Protocol was subject to an exploit targeting the liquidity pools. Approximately $40M+ USD was drained in this exploit, based on token prices at the time.

The Spartan Contracts were fully audited by Certik prior to launch, along with the usual ongoing code reviews, so this is an unfortunate reminder that there are no 100% safeguards. More action however will be taking place to ensure greater confidence in the Spartan Protocol ecosystem as we move towards V2.

The attacker used ~$60M BNB to create a large imbalance in the Spartan Pools through extremely large batches of transactions to create…

DevUpdate: Can’t talk gotta BUIDL | DappV2 | SpartanContractsV2

Spartan Socials — Twitter


Incentivized liquidity and synthetic asset generation for Binance Smart Chain.

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