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    MODA DAO is defining the future of music ownership, distribution and publishing via NFT standards, decentralised governance and automated finance.

  • David Raw

    David Raw

  • JP Thor

    JP Thor

    Bitcoin is. Contributing and following the crazy disruption that is Bitcoin.

  • Raven Protocol

    Raven Protocol

    www.RavenProtocol.com is a decentralized and distributed deep-learning training protocol. Providing cost-efficient and faster training of deep neural networks.

  • THORChain


    The official team for THORChain — the decentralized liquidity network.

  • Mike Hobart

    Mike Hobart

    BA in Exercise & Movement Science — Obsession for wealth & knowledge acquisition — Contributor at Bitcoin Magazine —Twitter: @theemikehobart

  • Kyle Hornberg

    Kyle Hornberg

    Technologist | Aviator | Advisor

  • Alex


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