Road to SPARTAv2

Spartan Protocol’s contributors have been working hard behind the scenes since the Pools exploit to develop, improve and deploy the V2 SPARTA token.

Testing has now been completed successfully, and without further ado, here it is. Please read this article carefully, and note the below points:

  • SPARTAv1 should be upgraded to SPARTAv2 via the Spartan Protocol dApp *ONLY*
  • Always verify you have the correct DApp / contract addresses as highlighted via the official Medium / Twitter
  • DO NOT send your tokens to the Contract Address
  • DO NOT send your tokens to a Wallet Address for ‘swap’
  • This Medium article will be updated with more specific information if required over time.

Above all, follow the process defined below to ensure that you are able to correctly upgrade your V1 Tokens for V2 Tokens.

The V2 Token introduces these additional capabilities at the base level contract level

  • iBEP677 approveAndCall() | replaces the previous transferTo function (tx.origin)
  • burn() | ability to internally burn SPARTA tokens
  • upgrade() | ability for users to upgrade their old SPARTAv1 tokens for the new SPARTAv2 tokens
  • claim() | ability for users to claim their allocated SPARTA based on the snapshot of their SPARTA weight of LP tokens held or locked in DAO/bond from just before the v1 LP-drain
  • expire() | users will have a 6-month window to make their claim of the SPARTA component of the LP exploit, after which the remainder will transfer to the DAO for distribution by community vote

Upgrading to V2

The Spartan Protocol development group has completed these three key steps for the upgrade process:

  1. Built & deployed the new SPARTAv2 Token Contract
  2. Create and assess a snapshot of Binance Smart Chain at block height from just before the LP-drain to identify the LP Token holder positions
  3. Built & deployed the V1 to V2 upgrade DApp
  4. As a little bonus; deploying this modified version of DAppV2 means we get to integrate the community with the testnet SpartanProtocolV2 a little easier & earlier (we no longer have to pull from github to play with testnet; just visit and click the wallet icon top-right and change to testnet
Fun fact — TokenSwap is the first dApp enabled on the V2 platform, note the new styling here.

Follow the below link to visit the new DApp and upgrade/claim your SPARTA!

Please do not share this link directly with users. Instead, we urge you to direct them to this Medium article. This link is being published here only, to minimise the risk of users being scammed of their old V1 tokens, or being directed to interact with a DApp that was built for the purpose of stealing tokens. There are now several different contract addresses on Binance Smart Chain that are related to the mythology of the Spartans, please be careful.

Upgrade / Claim instructions are also available in more detail via the Spartan Protocol community-curated GitBook:

How to Upgrade Your SPARTA Now:

  • Access the dApp via the above-mentioned link
  • Connect your wallet to the DApp, at which point you will be able to see balances for your V1 & V2 SPARTA tokens, and your Claim of LP SPARTA (where applicable)
  • Click on ‘Upgrade SPARTA’ and approve your transaction to complete the token upgrade
Upgrade your tokens
  • Click on ‘Claim SPARTA’ and approve your transaction to claim your share of SPARTA allocated to users impacted by the LP Drain exploit
Claim your tokens (where applicable)
  • Refresh your balance once the transaction is confirmed & completed to view your shiny new V2 SPARTA
Fresh and Tasty V2 tokens

You’re done!

Once complete, if you are using a wallet such as MetaMask, please add the V2 Token Contract address and consider removing the V1 address to avoid confusion.



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