DevUpdate: Bug Fixes| DappV2| SpartanContractsV2


After a couple of action-packed weeks delivering new and exciting features (Positions Page, APY display etc) the contributors have focused on building out and testing SpartanContractsV2, the migration contracts and DAppV2 with other efficiencies upgrades across the board.

Time to learn more about Spartan Protocol Synths

Thanks to Marco for some great content that explores the implementation of Synths within the SpartanProtocol ecosystem, suggest you take the time to understand the importance of what it means for SP.

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The SimpleSwap function exists in the contracts but was not connected to the UI and also not 100% lined up with the mapping of TVL etc. Some community members started interacting with the function (which works great by the way, thanks for testing!) directly on-chain which was throwing out the mappings of TVL for the UI

The community UI devs replaced the mapping with a custom function in the UI and moved along. A couple of weeks later the community noticed an increase in failing txns. After some investigation, it turned out there was some reliance within the ‘swap’ function on that TVL mapping being higher than the swap amount. A quick fix in the contracts sorted it out quick-smart, new router address here:

SpartanContractsV2 (Multiple iterations under different branches)

V2 contracts have been a solid focus of late, preparing and testing the new pools, synths, migration contracts etc ready for a smooth transition to the extended Spartan ecosystem.

The next step here will likely be releasing the new SpartanPools contracts and migration contracts at the same time.

The migration will then be the biggest priority; making sure its as easy as possible for everyone to migrate to the new SPT2 pools from a simple ‘migration’ page with a simple set of steps signed by your wallet in the correct order.

With that out the way, the focus will then be on the compound and lending contracts whilst the UI contributors refine the experience of minting/burning and using synths.

Testing of the global upgrade / migrations:

Synths swap testing:


Thanks to the community-contribution by Marco to update the ‘Synths’ page with relevant information from the most recent implementation.


DAppV1 is close to being replaced by DAppV2 and hence the time spent on it is a low priority. However, there were a few things this week that warranted attention.

As shortly touched on above; the TVL reported in the UI was wrong, so needed to be removed and replaced with a custom function:

Positions page; make the API calls more efficient:


DAppV2 has been a solid focus; getting the file structure and libraries agreed upon and linking up the current SpartanContracts to the web3 files.

Big thanks to Spiel from the Spartan community for reaching out to help with building out the new DApp with the existing contributors. His current focus has been to implement redux and converting the web3 functions for better global usage and error handling. Also implementing testing in the front-end which previously was only done back-end, will help with avoiding bugs in the future.

Converting standard web3 functions for the store and handling errors:

Adding all the relevant contract functions as simple web3:

More web3 contract functions & some UI work:

Work on the user interface, components, header etc:

Current Contributor’s Focus


  • Bond V4
  • Dao V2
  • DaoVault V1
  • Router V3
  • SP2UP (Migration Contract)
  • Utils V2
  • LoanVault V1
  • MasterLoan V1
  • Pool V2
  • Factory V1
  • Synths V1

Spartan DAppV1

  • All work ceasing on v1 except urgent/major issues

Spartan DAppV2

  • Convert web3 functions for redux and error-handling
  • Build out pools pages
  • Build out dao pages


  • DAO page
  • Lending page
  • FAQ page

Other Focuses

  • Video & text guides
  • Get TrustWallet and BinanceWallet price feed in place

Community Contribution

Spartan Protocol is at its core a community-driven and led project. In this vein, the more contributors the better. There is a great opportunity for community members to contribute by making LP reward analysis tools, etc.

Recently, community members have been graciously funnelling in to contribute to explainer articles, ideas and even $SPARTA donations to support the growth of the platform.

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Reach out on telegram to get involved:

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