SpartanDev: 05/04/21–11/04/21

DevUpdate: DappV2 | SpartanContractsV2


Sparta-land has been full of committed community contributors building out the DAppV2 and heavy testing within testnet this week. DAppV2 appears to have all phase1 features fully functional, just a matter of cleaning things up UI/UX-wise to have DAppV2 ready whilst testing continues towards being ready for mainnet and migration.

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GitHub Activity — SpartanContractsV2

  • Add ‘purge’ function triggered if baseCollateral is lower than baseDebt
  • Test SP-s & SP-p naming convention
  • Added getSynthsArray helper for UI
  • Refactor contracts to reduce their size
  • Add a forced harvest() on weight change to prevent any possible weight exploits
  • Change DAO’s withdraw() function back to 100% (unlock from DAO) instead of user-input amount
  • Change Router & Pool custom events back to ‘Transfer’
  • Fix forced-harvest bug (as above, after testing)
  • Added more automated testing around recent DAO changes
  • Changed ‘purge’ to ‘liquidate’ (lend contract)
  • Extended the liquidate function & added time mapping (lend contract)
  • checkLiquidate() & checkInterest()
  • Extend lending automated testing
  • Extended lending testing
  • Fix mintSynth bug
  • Finish fixing the mintSynth bug
  • Change totalCollateral -> collateralBalance
  • Extend automated testing to cover the previous bug’s scenario
  • Test -SST & -SPT naming convention
  • Refactor ROUTER to reduce contract size

GitHub Activity — SpartanDAppV2

  • Add ‘copy’ icon, improve walletSelect
  • Add pools tiles to overview
  • Add assets & balances to walletSelect
  • Update deployed router consts
  • Extended Dao/Lock+Earn functionality (despoit, harvest & withdraw via UI)
  • Changed UI to SP-p & SP-s naming convention
  • Added ‘harvestAmount’ to the dataManager with 7.5s refresh
  • Improve footer
  • Improve header
  • AssetSelect to the next phase
  • Imporved the header & sidebar on mobile
  • Improve walletSelect & include balances
  • Update to newly deployed contracts (ABIs + addresses) * 2
  • Improve walletSelect + include tokenIcons w/ URL validity checking
  • Improve dataManager
  • Use finalLpArray in swap instead of finalArray (for synths & zap)
  • Update to newly deployed contracts (ABIs + addresses) * 2
  • Update dao withdraw() function to not use an ‘amount’ anymore (only 100% withdraw of each asset from DAO)
  • Fix share button
  • More SPT2 -> SP-p references
  • Change the DApp to auto-connect to your last known connected wallet even on browser close etc (uses localStorage)
  • Update token fallback image
  • Get AssetSelect to next phase (tokenIcon, contractAddr copy / add to metamask)
  • Improve AssetSelect
  • Adjust ‘liquidity’ & ‘swap’ to suit new assetSelect implementation
  • Drasticly improved the URL validation method by simply doing 1 validation call when the array is built rather than a validation call for every token every time it is displayed in the dapp
  • Implemented clearSearch function to improve the search functionality within AssetSelect
  • Added tokenIcon and support for other asset types (synths / LP tokens) to AssetSelect
  • Added functionality to add asset to metaMask from within AssetSelect
  • Added synth placeholders to finalArray
  • Added synth variable grabs to add during finalLpArray
  • Fixed getSynthContract()
  • Fixed filter handling in AssetSelect
  • Improved AssetSelect styling
  • Synths mint/burn functional in SimpleSwap
  • Point to new synthFactory
  • Disable synth’s ‘totalCollateral’ grab in finalLpArray (mappings undergoing changes in contracts)
  • Close sidebar when use clicks outside the sidebar (better UX)
  • Added ‘add to metamask’ to WalletSelect for all asset types
  • Improved WalletSelect
  • Added synths support in WalletSelect
  • Improve swap styling
  • Fix DAO harvestAmount and memberWeight text strings
  • Changed all references to asset types to new naming convention; -SPP & -SPS
  • Improve pool layout on mobile
  • Added wallet-status indicator on wallet-icon
  • Fixed collapse issue on pools overview page
  • Wallet indicator (loading status0) changed to trigger when the finalLpArray is loading instead of wallet ‘connecting’ status
  • Improved header for mobile
  • Changed priceBox in header to popOver instead of dropdown

Contributor’s Focus


  • LendRouter V1

Spartan DAppV1

Spartan DAppV2

  • Test start-to-finish migration from testnet V1 to testnet V2 (within UI)


  • Lending page
  • FAQ page

Other Focuses

Community Contribution

Recently, community members have been graciously funnelling in to contribute to explainer articles, ideas and even $SPARTA donations to support the growth of the platform.

Engage with the community and contributors

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