CEX Upgrade Update | codeArea audit crowdfund |upgrade your v1 tokens to v2 | refinement of code to streamline functions


It’s fantastic to see that approximately 92% of tokens are upgraded to SPARTA v2 ready for use on the SpartanProtocol v2 inbound soon.

MEXC_Global are full upgrade with Binance following
SPARTA v2 Tokens
SPARTA v1 Tokens — Approx only 8% remaining to be upgraded

CodeArena Audit — Crowdfunding Drive

Now that the SpartanProtocol v2 contracts are complete, a crowdfunding drive has begun to help fund extensive auditing via a CodeArena contest.

If you can donate, big or small, every contribution helps this community project achieve its full goal of $96k as soon as possible to ensure that Spartan Protocol is in a prime position to release the V2 contracts and dApp into the market.

Donate Here:

Don’t Have Your v1 Tokens on a CEX?

You can use the Spartan Protocol Upgrade DApp to upgrade your SPARTA tokens yourself.

Upgrade DApp

Bit-Rush Crypto has created a video guide on using the SpartanProtocol Upgrade DApp — timestamp 3:20. Nice work SPARTANS!!

This will be an ongoing focus for the wider community to contribute towards. Phase one of the documentation is almost padded out ready for a translation phase to begin.

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Contributor’s Focus

Phase 1 — SPARTA V2 (Token) — Completed!

Phase 2 — Spartan Protocol V2 (Protocol) — In Progress

SPARTA V2 (Token)

  • ONGOING — Work with DEXs & aggregators to ensure the new SPARTA token address is added to their lists as the primary address for SPARTA (retiring the previous contract address) (1inch, PancakeSwap etc)
  • COMPLETED & ONGOING — Work with token-tracking informational websites to ensure new token info is added and verified (BSCscan, CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap etc)


  • CONTRACTS READY; CAMPAIGN BEING ORGANISED — Put the contracts through a code review process on CodeArena. Rough estimate of mid-July for the contest.
  • COMPLETED & ONGOING — Continue the code review process within the community


  • COMPLETED — Create DAO hub for proposal management (This was extended to a complete DAO instead of simple-DAO)
  • COMPLETED — Test bond process from start to finish via UI (propose bond allocation, vote it in, finalise it, and then proceed to bond assets and test the weight from that in the DAOVault, and other proposals)
  • FINAL STAGES — Rip out all the old libraries and rebuild using one component library; refactor and cleanup style sheets as we go to reduce the overall project size ready for larger-scale community contribution on mainnet
  • INCOMPLETE — Add a calculable APY figure to the synthVault

Phase 3 — Deploy & Iterate (Dependent on CodeArena Completion)

  • Enable Bond allocations to replenish TVL into the V2 pools
  • Deploy Lending to testnet
  • March onwards with our original goals of building the decentralised, yield-generating, solo staking, leveraged synthetics and derivatives + lending protocol on Binance Smart Chain

GitHub Activity — SpartanContractsV2


  • Changed harvestAll to loop harvestSingle instead (refactor)
  • harvestSingle — changed to public so that harevstAll can call it. Also added call of _addVaultMetrics to help track APY
  • _addVaultMetrics — handle month/new month for reward calc

GitHub Activity — SpartanDAppV2






  • RecentTxns drawer added just above the footer




Other Work:

GitHub Activity — SpartanSite


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Community Contribution

Recently, community members have been graciously funnelling in to contribute to explainer articles, ideas and even $SPARTA donations to support the growth of the platform.

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