SpartanProtocol — March 2021

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Wen Synths? Wen single-stake SPARTA? Wen simpleSwap?

Well… you will get all that when it’s merged! Alright? As always; the Spartan community contributors are working hard to deliver something we can all be proud to use. We are at a point now where the SpartanContractsV2 are essentially ready to roll with some crazy amount of testing going on every day.

DAppV2 continues to be built out daily, towards being ready for Phase 1 & the big migration. The lending contracts make giant strides each week. It’s all happening at an exciting pace for our patient shield-wallers!

We are all very excited to see synths in the wild and have access to both mainnet & testnet within the same DApp with V2. This is an overlooked, but extremely important step towards truly integrating the community in the testing phase of additional features in the future.

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Weekly Updates

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This month Spartan Protocol Twitter flew past 10,000 Followers. This is all native growth with no active push to gain new followers. That is being saved for the impending merge of Synths and truly exciting features.

March was busy for contributors so a little quieter than normal on the channels, you'll note that picking up again as we release new feature sets and recruit more contributors in the dev and social channels.

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Dev Activity — GitHub March

Dev Activity — SpartanContractsV2

  • ‘MasterLoan’ changed to ‘Lend’
  • ‘LoanVault’ changed to ‘LendRouter’
  • Added some Utils functions
  • Update events (add indexes and extend)
  • Lend — add more memberDetail mappings
  • Extend the lending contracts
  • Add/update events throughout all contracts
  • Added to automated testing
  • Update zapLiquidity function
  • Cleanup Utils
  • Lend — Update events, add calcInterest function
  • Lend — Add check & pay interest functions
  • Add/update automated testing
  • Remove ‘doubleSwapped’ event (use two swap events instead)
  • Improve adding/removing liquidity functions
  • Extend automated testing (especially lending)
  • Improve/extend lending contract + testing
  • Getting the lending contracts to the next stage
  • Extending out the lending automated testing

Dev Activity — SpartanDAppV2

  • Re-factor and cleanup code in liquidity page
  • Add initial ‘share’ link/component functionality
  • Make removeAsym functional
  • Add ‘network change’ handling for BinanceChain Wallet
  • Created a simple ‘events’ tracking table component (good for testing; but has potential to be adapted into something cool for the UI)
  • Added initial swap page interface
  • Re-factor the ‘add/change network’ code to be handled separately (each wallet)
  • SimpleSwap reaches functional phase
  • ‘Zap’ initial
  • Extend share component and add URL-param handling
  • Got ‘zap liquidity’ fully functional
  • Updated utils / coreMath for displaying some txn details in the UI without calling onChain
  • Disable gasLimit handling (reconsider after live; doesnt work well in testnet)
  • Update ROUTER contract (fresh deploy)
  • Extend share component & make the share URL much shorter
  • Change lottie library and add the ‘helmetSpinner’ component in some areas of the DApp for ‘loading’ animation demo
  • Update ROUTER address (fresh deploy for testing)
  • Init/prep for poolsOverview page
  • ‘ZapMode’ toggle switch
  • Init adding new synths functions and a ‘synth store’
  • Remove some unneeded steps from the DataManager
  • Fix ‘curated’ check in finalArray
  • Changed the Col-parent layouts to Row-parent
  • Quick header-alignment cleanup
  • Built a newly proposed design for Liquidity page
  • Cleanup/re-factor most of the layout files & remove perfect-scrollbar (will need to remove default scroll bars from the view or find a better scrollbar solution)
  • Changed the ‘network add/change’ handling to stagger and await so that if you have both MetaMask & BinanceChain Wallet, you will not have a conflict with priorities of modals/pop-ups (one will pop-up whilst the other awaits completion of the action)
  • Large re-factor of the array handling code
  • Add dividends and revenue/fees to the array
  • Add APY & depth to the poolsTable

Current Contributor’s Focus


  • LoanVault V1
  • MasterLoan V1

Spartan DAppV1

  • Complete migration-UI

Spartan DAppV2

  • Finish building out phase 1 functionality
  • Test start-to-finish migration from testnet V1 to testnet V2 (within new UI)


  • DAO page
  • Lending page
  • FAQ page

Other Focuses

  • Video & text guides

SPARTA Needs You

Further Community Assistance To Complete Website Information Sections

At its core Spartan Protocol is and always will be a community-driven project

As previously mentioned, many members of the community raised their hands to help fill in the various areas of the landing page. Some community members who really wanted to support the project, but didn’t feel like they had the time or capability; contributed some SPARTA to help encourage technical experts to the task.

Again, this shows the willingness of all members in the shield wall to contribute in their own ways.

An example of the current open bounty

For the complete list of Bounties please head to Telegram ‘Bounty Board’ channel:

Or the GitHub for a list without the bounty amounts/applicants:

Engage with the community and developers

Where to find out about all the latest updates or suggest improvements — get involved.

Incentivized liquidity and synthetic asset generation for Binance Smart Chain.