SPARTAv2 (Token) Fee Burn

Learn about the new deflationary feature of the SPARTA token

Removal of ‘BurnForSparta’ Functions

Upgrade & Claim SPARTA v2

Deflationary — feeBurn on Transfer

The modified _transfer() function

feeBurn in _transfer()


SPARTA v1 Token Transfer Details thanks to

Function Broken Down

Step 1:

Check — Do not apply the feeBurn to SPARTA token minting events
Internal _mint() function emitting a ‘Transfer’ event

Step 2:

User safety check — Do not allow users to accidentally send SPARTA to the base contract
List of users who accidentally sent SPARTAv1 to the base token contract

Step 3:

Ensure the sender’s balance has enough SPARTA to perform the transfer

Step 4a:

feeOnTransfer & the transfer amount being handed to UTILS.calcPart()

Step 4b:

share = (amount * part) / total;feeOnTransfer = (100 * totalSupply) / maxSupply
maxSupply = 300m
totalSupply = 100m (as an example)
feeOnTransfer = 33.333333333

Step 4c:

share = (amount * part) / total;feeBurn = (transferAmount * feeOnTransfer) / 10000transferAmount = 100 SPARTA
feeOnTransfer = 33.33333333 (from previous example)
feeBurn (_fee) = 0.333333 SPARTA

Step 5:

Step 6:

Step 7:

Incentivized liquidity and synthetic asset generation for Binance Smart Chain.